Seeley & King Off DC's "Grayson" in April, Lanzing & Kelly Join

"Grayson" has been a fan-favorite series for DC Comics since its debut in 2014, but the book will see some major changes starting with April's issue #19, as revealed in DC's April 2016 solicitations. Co-writers Tim Seeley and Tom King, who have been with the series from the beginning, are stepping away starting in April. Though it's not yet clear when or if they will return to "Grayson" specifically, they aren't leaving Dick Grayson behind.

"About [Seeley] and I not being on the 'Grayson' solicit: something big and cool is coming, and we just needed the room to work on it," King wrote on Twitter. "It's important to (cryptically) say that what's coming continues our ongoing effort to elevate Dick Grayson in the DCU."

The writing team of Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly, who are currently part of the "Batman and Robin Eternal" team and also wrote "Hacktivist" for Archaia, will join the series for what Lanzing said is "a few issues," following Seeley and King's plans.

"We're doing a few issues, following a roadmap set by Tom and Tim," Lanzing wrote on Twitter. "We're not changing gears, just taking the wheel for a while."

"Grayson" launched in July 2014, starring former Robin Dick Grayson as an agent of spy organization Spyral. "Grayson" #19, written by Lanzing & Kelly and illustrated by Carmine Di Giandomenico, is scheduled for release on April 27.

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