Seeley Brings Rocket Raccoon & Deadpool Together in "Guardians Team-Up"

Money can buy a great many things. In the Marvel Universe, it opens the doors to the strange and fantastic, including mystical artifacts or, say, the services of a heavily-armed anthropomorphic raccoon or an unkillable motor mouth. The latter, of course, are two of the Marvel U's premier mercenaries: Guardians of the Galaxy member Rocket Raccoon and Wade Wilson AKA Deadpool. Both are known for their sarcasm and penchant for causing carnage and destruction. It's a good thing that for all that encounter them they travel in separate circles. Rocket's jobs take him across the cosmos while Deadpool's contracts tend to be Earth-based.

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This August, the trigger happy mercenaries' paths will converge for the first time in "Guardians Team-Up" #10, a new adventure that finds Rocket and Deadpool tangling with rival mercenary Macho Gomez and creatures from Rocket's past. CBR News spoke with writer Tim Seeley, who was recently announced as the writer for "Deadpool vs. Thanos," about his takes on Rocket and Deadpool, why Macho serves as a perfect foil for them and his further plans for Marvel's most sarcastic guns for hire.

CBR News: "Guardians Team-Up" #10 marks your return to Rocket Raccoon after writing him in "Guardians of the Galaxy: Best Story Ever," and this time around you're teaming him up with Deadpool. Given their popularity, similar dispositions, and similar occupations, it seems natural to put these guys together. To your knowledge, have Rocket and Deadpool met before or is this their first team-up? And what made you want to tell a story featuring these two characters?

Tim Seeley: When [editor] Katie Kubert asked me to pitch an idea for "Guardians Team Up," I sent her back an e-mail that just said, "I'm sure everyone has said this already, but I'll take Deadpool/Rocket." And she wrote back to say no one had picked them. What?! I thought it was so obvious! I did a bit of research, and they've never really had much screen time together. Skottie Young implied they knew about each other during a poker game in his "Rocket Raccoon" series, but other than that, there wasn't anything to suggest I couldn't write their first encounter!

When we chatted about your "Deadpool Vs Thanos" miniseries you mentioned how "Guardians Team-Up" #10 was your first time writing Deadpool, how the character is in your wheelhouse, and how he's now a character you love writing. What was it like initially slipping into Wade Wilson's voice with this book? Was it pretty easy or did it take a bit to settle into?

It was the easiest "Tim-to-character" transition I've ever had. I'm not sure what it says about me, but writing a loudmouth, neurotic psycho is well within my abilities.

Rocket and Deadpool do have a lot of similarities about them in terms of disposition and what they do for a living, but that doesn't necessarily mean they'll like each other. What can you tell us about the initial dynamic between your protagonists? And will Groot or any other members of the Guardians figure into that dynamic and this story? Or is this a buddy story with just Rocket and Wade Wilson?

It's really just Rocket and Deadpool. And one thing I really wanted to play up was that they're actually really different guys. Rocket is a strategist. He's very organized and orderly. In fact, he might be a compulsive clean freak, always washing his little hands in the nearest stream. Wade on the other hand is basically an evil Winnie the Pooh. He just kind of bumbles through things and it all works out, and a bunch of people he wants to die, do.

What sets your story in motion and brings Rocket and Deadpool in contact with each other is a character they have a shared history with, the intergalactic bounty hunter, Macho Gomez, who debuted in Daniel Way's "Deadpool" run and recently appeared in Rocket's solo title. Beyond his shared history with Rocket and Deadpool, what made you want to use Macho in this story? What kind of role does he play in your story?

Macho really stuck out to me as being a perfect foil for both guys. He's a fun creation, and he's totally a pure Daniel Way character. For me, it allowed me to play with the idea that both Deadpool and Rocket consider themselves mercs with a very good reputation. So, when Macho wants to cement his own rep, it'd make sense that he'd have to off these two.

Macho is a character that Rocket recently ran afoul of but the solicits also suggest that you're delving into characters from his past in the form of the Drakillars, correct? What can you tell us about the Drakillars for readers who may not be familiar with Rocket's early adventures? And what kind of role does his past on the anthropomorphic animal planet known as Halfworld play in your story?

The Drakillars are a crazy-ass idea from the original "Rocket" stuff -- basically giant space bats with psychic powers. To me, you really can't beat that as a foil, and when Macho accidentally brings an infestation of them to Earth, it's up to Rocket and Deadpool to clean it up.

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I imagine in addition to all the fun characters you get to play with another big draw of this book is the chance to work on a Marvel book with your friend and "Revival" collaborator, artist Mike Norton.

The details are still being worked out. Mike's got a very busy schedule right now and Marvel is trying to make it work. So I'd love to work with him on this book, but if he's not available I'm sure Marvel will find me a great collaborator.

Finally, as we talked about at the beginning, Rocket and Deadpool seem like a match made in heaven and a perfect buddy action combo. Would you be interested in teaming these characters again in future stories? Do they come face to face in your "Deadpool Vs Thanos" series?

Heh, they do. Or... they come foot-to-ass.

"Guardians Team-Up" #10 is scheduled for release this August from Marvel Comics.

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