"See Something, Say Something" For New "Inhumanity" Teaser

On Monday, Marvel Comics advised readers to "Be Vigilant" in an "Inhumanity" teaser by artist Juan Doe. The publisher followed up with a second Juan Doe-illustrated teaser image today in the same vein as the first, telling readers, "See Something, Say Something." Much like Monday's image, the second teaser shows one figure in red surrounded by others in more bland, earth tones designed in the style of propaganda posters.

The upcoming one-shot by Matt Fraction and Olivier Coipel follows up on events in "Infinity," which recently saw Black Bolt detonate a Terrigen Bomb that released Terrigen Mist across the Earth, activating latent Inhumans throughout the globe.

"Inhumanity" #1 hits stores in December.

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