See 'Mythbusters' Adam Savage go incognito as Hellboy

To commemorate the inaugural Silicon Valley Comic Con, Mythbusters alum Adam Savage decided he'd go incognito as Hellboy, in a nod to his first appearance at Comic-Con International. But while he dressed as the movie Hellboy in 2008, this time he paid tribute to Mike Mignola's original version.

Of course, Savage has a few advantages over the average cosplayer: In addition to his background as a model maker, he owns several pieces from Guillermo del Toro's films, including the Samaritan, a duster jacket and one of Hellboy's tail.

With makeup and costume in place, Savage took to the convention floor, and was almost immediately identified, all due to a distinctive prop. "I got discovered so fast," he said afterward. "Teach me to do a 'One-Day Build' about a sword a week before a con."

(via Gizmodo)

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