See exciting Asian comic artists with Yon Gomix #7

If you're looking for vibrant, new styles of comics, you have to look beyond the shelves of your local comics shop sometimes. One of several groups of artists I've followed over the years is the Southeast Asian artists group Yon Gumix. For the past seven years they're released an anthology highlighting their skills, and their newest is now available worldwide for anyone with a credit card.

Yon Gumix #7 features group stalwarts Zid, Eisu, Aimo and Hanie, along with guest artists Pinax Pinakes and Nanzo doing pin-ups, homages and comics that really shows of what they can do. Although all of the artists are relatively unknown in English-language comics, Zid worked with Steve Niles on a comic series for Radical and Eisu has a long-running webcomic set in a comic shop called No Pink Ponies.


Fans of creators like Bryan Lee O'Malley and Corey Lewis would do well to check it out.

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