See Elvis at the Pearly Gates — at rest or in motion

As I mentioned in my roundup of Free Comic Book Day comics, the Graphic Elvis preview from Liquid Comics was one of the more striking selections of the day, in particular because of Stan Lee's Elvis tribute comic, illustrated by Jeevan J. Kang, which shows The King reaching the Pearly Gates. It's a slimmed-down, pre-Vegas version of Elvis, who humbly falls into line with everyone else, amazing them with his lack of pushiness. "I wouldn't expect him to be treated just like us," says one man, who obviously hasn't read his Gospels. And Elvis is almost turned away, but — no, I won't spoil it, because now you can read the whole Graphic Elvis FCBD comic on Issu.

But wait! There's more! Someone has turned Stan Lee's comic into a delightfully cheesy motion comic, complete with rolling eyes, creepily moving lips, and swirling black blobs in the background. It has audio, too, but it lacks one thing: any actual Elvis music, which would have required someone to pay royalties.

Besides the visit with St. Peter, the FCBD comic includes some nice drawings of Elvis by Gilbert Hernandez, Paul Pope, and other comics luminaries. If that whets your appetite, you have a choice: Slap down $195 for the limited-edition Graphic Elvis book or pay a mere $10 for the Android app.

(via Comics Alliance, where Chris Sims delightfully deconstructs the Stan Lee comic)

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