See Amy Reeder's <i>Batwoman</i> variant covers that won't see print

Amy Reeder, who'll share art duties with J.H. Williams III on Batwoman, reveals on her blog four variant covers for the upcoming series that, for unclear reasons, won't be published.

"We had it set up that I would do variants for J.H.'s run and he would do variants for mine (meaning, the main covers during my arc would be drawn by me)," she writes. "AND I got to ink and color these, which really got my creative juices flowing.  It's been a while since I've had that opportunity and I had a blast! So, I'd done four of the five variants, when I had found out that DC decided not to publish any variant covers on Batwoman."

A second cover can be seen after the break. Visit Reeder's blog to see more, as well as an unpublished Supergirl cover featuring the Teen Titans. Batwoman #1 arrives in stores on Sept. 14. Reeder's story arc begins in February.

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