See a gallery of Simon Bisley's pencils for <i>Tower Chronicles: GeistHawk</i>

As our Caleb has already pointed out, Legendary's Tower Chronicles: GeistHawk is a comic that's a lot better than the warning signs may have previously indicated. One of its real treats is seeing the mature style Simon Bisley has been developing for a few years (since The Dead: Kingdom Of Flies for UK indie Berserker, really) getting a decent-lengthed showcase. Anyone with lingering misconceptions of Bisley's work being the mutant offspring of Frank Frazetta and Bill Sienkiewicz is in for a surprise. It's still unmistakeably Bisley, but the finished art will be just as likely to remind you of Kevin O'Neill or Enki Bilal. Dedicated fansite The Art Of Simon Bisley has a gallery of over 20 pages of pencils from the project, alongside two publicity images/splashes that are both more appealing than Jim Lee's very generic-looking final cover.

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