Kesel & Grummett's Section Zero Finds New Life in Kickstarter Campaign

Karl Kesel and Tom Grummett's “Section Zero” may get a second shot at life if a Kickstarter campaign gets the required funding. The series, which ran for three issues in 2000, followed a team of agents from a covert organization who were tasked with identifying, locating and exterminating dangerous supernatural threats. The series was originally intended for a longer run, but personal issues on Kesel’s part got in the way and the series was shelved. Now, 17 years later, the duo have teamed up again in hopes of finishing the story.

“We’re doing it as a graphic novel,” said Kesel in a Kickstarter post. “Collecting the five-page prologue originally published in George Perez’s ‘Crimson Plague’ #1, all three issues of ‘Section Zero,’ the 12 additional pages Tom and I produced in 2012 when we posted the book online and a six-page ‘Interlude’ story we did a few years back. That stuff is all done, just waiting to be printed. Then we need about another three issues of new material to finish the story.”


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The “Section Zero” reboot would also feature an introduction by "Astro City" writer Kurt Busiek, additional behind-the-scenes material and a gallery featuring various artists’ interpretations of “Section Zero” characters. Walt Simonson, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, Terry Dodson, Chris Samnee, Ben Caldwell, Matt Clark, John Paul Leon, Kelly Jones, Jerry Ordway and Dave Gibbons have also contributed their work to the project.

The campaign features several tiered rewards based on pledged contributions through Kickstarter. Rewards include everything from a PDF or print copy of the completed graphic novel to the chance for backers to be drawn into the comic itself as an active, speaking member of the Section Zero team.


Kesel and Grummett have a long history working in the comics industry. Kesel is the writer behind “Harley Quinn” and “Battlestar Galactica.” Grummett was an artist on “The Death of Superman” and “Avengers Academy.” The duo teamed up previously to work on “Superboy.”

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“This is a labor of love,” said Kesel. “But that passion don’t pay the bills. We’re working as close to the bone as possible, but we still need to put food on the table for both our families while we finish this. So we need people’s support -- the more, the merrier.”


At the time of publication, the “Section Zero” Kickstarter is at roughly $15,000 of its stated $62,000 goal. In order for the campaign to succeed, the project must be fully funded by June 1.

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