Dat Asgardian: 20 Divine Mysteries About Thor's Body


Zounds! Methinks Thor's body is more than mine mortal eyes can endure. I say thee nay! Only in Marvel Comics can you have one your favorite heroes be a mallet-wielding viking that travels through space and time. We're talking about Thor, the God of Thunder, and after seeing how awesome he was in Thor: Ragnarok, we hope that he gets as much screen time as possible considering there are a total of 75 other Avengers appearing in Avengers: Infinity War. Why shouldn't he be front and center? Of all the Avengers, he's the oldest and the strongest (although you Hulk fans out there may disagree with that last one).

How much do we know about the man behind the war hammer? Sure he can pick up over 100 tons, but did you also know that there are ways for Thor to become even more powerful? Do you know the difference between Thorforce and Godforce? What do apples have to do with Thor's long life? Although he may no longer be worthy to pick up Mjolnir (though that is set to change presently), he still has plenty of inherent powers in his body to make him a hero. Do you know all 20 weird and interesting secrets about Thor's body? Thou art truly reading a list most formidable!

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When you think about Captain America, immediately his shield comes to mind. It's arguably as iconic as the man that wields it. The same could be said for Thor's trusty hammer, Mjolnir, whose name aptly translates to "what which smashes." It was forged by the Dwarves of Nidavellir and took about seventeen weeks to make. In Thor: Ragnarok, Hela destroyed the hammer in about 15 seconds.

Mjolnir has been broken and outright destroyed over the years. Although you think someone like Iron Man would lend a hand, it was Doctor Strange that helped Thor repair his hammer but at a shocking cost: the good doctor bound Thor's soul to Mjolnir, meaning if the hammer were to be destroyed again it would also cause Thor to die!


You can't keep a good Asgardian down, and even if you do take one of them down they will come back for more. This is because of Ragnarok, a cycle of birth and destruction and rebirth. The Gods were destined to die only to be reborn again. In The Ultimates we learn that Thorlief Golmen came to the conclusion after a mental breakdown that he's the reincarnation of the God of Thunder.

In the 2012 storyline Fear Itself Thor died after fighting the Midgard Serpent. Thor's dead spirit prevented himself from being eaten by the Demogorge, an ancient God that consumed the souls of other gods that have died. He managed to escape and come back to life with the help of Loki (who had also been reincarnated as a kid).


Thor is insanely powerful. His base strength is reported to be around Class 100, meaning he can lift 100 tons. To place that in perspective, that's the equivalent of him carrying 100 Volkswagon Beetles, or 25 hippopotamuses. The Hulk gets stronger the madder he gets, but are there scenarios where Thor could be even stronger than he is now?

If you thought Wolverine going into a berserker rage was something, don't be anywhere near Thor when he enters "warrior's madness" where his strength increases tenfold. Once he's in this state, he will attack anything and everything. Warrior vikings of olden days when they entered a berserker rage were rumored to rip people apart with their bare hands. Berserker comes from the Old Norse "ber" meaning bear and "serkr" meaning coat.


Hulk is powered by gamma radiation. Wonder Man is fueled by Ionic energy. Even the Silver Surfer's amazing abilities are granted to him through the Power Cosmic. What about Thor? In Marvel Comics, Gods are often described as extra-dimensional entities as opposed to religious beings, but where is the God of Thunder getting his power from? Could it possibly come from his Dad?

Odin's awesome ability comes from the Odin Force, some of the most powerful magic around. When Odin uses it up, he has to enter Odinsleep to regain his strength. At one point, Thor gained the Odin Force, making it the Thor Force. After exhausting himself of the power, he entered Thorsleep just like his father did. In an alternate future, Thor used the Thorforce to help him become the ruler of the Earth.


One of Superman's infamous feats was destroying a solar system by sneezing. Don't worry, that section of space was uninhabited for thousands of years due to a fierce, life-ending space-plague. However, the notion of Superman destroying a part of the universe by sneezing due to a prank by Mr. Mxyzptlk is really over the top. So we hope you're equally as accepting of Thor's super-breath power.

Granted, the man is not sneezing Celestials into the Black Galaxy, but Thor for lack of a better term has super-breath. Just as Superman has used his breath as a weapon with more frequency (and at times, Superman's breath also produces extreme cold), Thor can also use his breath to create winds so powerful they have the equivalency of hurricane speeds. Inconsistently, we've seen Thor in space exhibiting either the ability to hold his breath or showing that he can survive in a vacuum indefinitely.


If you think Thor's body is powerful, wait until you get a load of his mind. Perhaps if you look at the rippling muscles of the God of Thunder, your other avenue of attack might be a psychic assault, or perhaps you'll probe his mind in order to find out how he's going to strike. Big mistake. Thor is known for his physical feats but let's see just how amazing his mind is.

Big-shots like Moondragon and Emma Frost (while she possessed part of the Phoenix Force) have tried in vain to either psychically assault Thor or try and mind control him. His will is simply too strong. When it comes to his soul, he was even able to resist Adam Warlock while he was in possession of the Soul Gem.


Thor, as well as other Asgardians, may seem all-powerful, but there's an origin to their abilities. Thor is certainly long-lived and has been fighting for literally hundreds and hundreds of years. Before he was worthy to carry Mjolnir, Thor wielded an axe called Jarnbjorn against X-Men villain Apocalypse in the 11th century.

Thor's longevity was achieved by eating the Golden Apples of Idunn. They can only be picked by the goddess of the same name and could only be found in Asgard. The apples help preserve the consumer's youth and vitality, and although Idun was the goddess of Immortality, the golden fruit certainly didn't prevent Asgardians from dying. The tree was stolen by the Storm Giants and had to be retrieved by Thor and Loki.


In the Avengers Disassembled storyline, we saw a lot of changes to key characters in the Marvel Universe. Spider-Man's powers became totem-based, Iron Man resigned as Secretary of Defense, and Thor had to deal with Ragnarok and the end of Asgard. To stop Ragnarok as well as Those Who Sit Above In Shadow, Thor became the Rune King, and in order to do so made some chilling sacrifices.

Although Odin in the Marvel Cinematic Universe lost an eye during battle, Marvel Comics Odin sacrificed his eye for greater wisdom. Thor comes across the Odinpower embodied in the ghost of a child that guided Thor in his quest for knowledge on how to stop Ragnarok. Thor deduced he will gain the vision he needs by removing both his eyes. They were replaced in Game of Thrones fashion, by two ravens that sat on each shoulder.


The Watcher had been killed during the Marvel crossover Original Sin, and the culprit was none other than Nick Fury. When the heroes went to take him down, Fury put up a fight and was even able to defeat Thor by making him unworthy to lift Mjolnir. The hammer of Thor needed a new owner and found it in the form of Jane Foster.

Unfortunately, Jane Foster at the time was suffering from breast cancer. She was able to use Mjolnir to transform herself into her own version of Thor, but when she changed back to Jane Foster the transformation purged from her system the radiation from her chemotherapy treatments. Literally becoming Thor was killing her. Jane changed into Thor one last time and defeated Mangog by hurling him and Mjolnir into the sun.


At first glance it can be a little confusing because although Thor has significant powers, Mjolnir also grants those that are worthy enough to wield it powers. On top of that those that aren't Thor Odinson (such as Eric Masterson) have used Mjolnir then magically turned into a dude that looked awfully like Thor, so sometimes Thor seems like less of a person and more of a power.

Although the Ultimate Marvel Universe is gone, some elements survived into regular continuity, such as Miles Morales and Ultimate Thor's version of Mjolnir, which looks more like an axe than a hammer. The Asgardian Volstagg got a hold of Ultimate Mjolnir and when he picked it up transformed into the War Thor. If Volstagg doesn't look like his jolly self, it's because the hammer made him mentally ill, putting him in a constant berserker rage.


One of the reasons why Thor: Ragnarok did so well was that it visited what made Thor so awesome: he was a viking in space, fighting aliens and dealing with really weird stuff. In his travels, Thor encountered and fought the Korbinite named Beta Ray Bill. The two battled and it was revealed that Beta Ray Bill was worthy enough to wield Mjolnir. Although he's eventually given his own hammer named Stormbreaker, for a hot second he used Mjolnir and was wearing Thor's threads.

Like most Korbinites, Beta Ray Bill has a natural, biological resistance to extreme heat. Bill and Thor fought over Mjolnir in the Asgardian realm of Skartheim. Some consider Odin's choice for this location was to give Bill the advantage. Although both warriors knock each other out, the heat revived Bill first, making him the winner. An odd moment considering that Thor has had a conversation with the God Atum while inside the sun!


Thor hit a rough, unlucky patch starting in 2014. In the Marvel event Original Sin, Thor was made unworthy of Mjolnir courtesy of a cryptic message Nick Fury whispered in Thor's ear. Thor then went by the name Odinson and in a battle with Malekith had his left arm cut off with his old weapon, the axe named Jarnbjorn. But was Thor losing an arm avoidable?

It appears that Thor is somewhat fated to have his arm be lost. King Thor, the future version of Thor as an old man with a long white beard and an eye patch, and in place of his left arm the mighty armored limb from the Destroyer armor. An homage to this was done in Thor: The Dark World when Loki cut off Thor's right hand (it later proved to be an illusion).


When you're Thor and you want to get around, it's pretty easy. Thor can throw Mjolnir and hold onto the leather strap, having his hammer serve as his own personal rocket. He can also summon Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder, two mystical goats that pull Thor's flying chariot. If Thor was being really lazy he could also teleport between locations, with or without Mjolnir.

Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, has been shown to open portals to travel great distances as well as between dimensions and through time itself. Although this is helpful to Thor, he could also just do it literally with his bare hands, ripping apart space the way that others open gifts for their birthday. We still think his goat chariot is pretty awesome.


You've heard of King Thor, Rune Thor, even Frog Thor, now gaze upon the mighty visage of... Weak Thor! Hela, Goddess of the Dead, robbed Thor of his strength and endurance by placing a curse upon him. He was so weak that during a fight with a group called the Marauders during the Morlock Massacre, he broke his arm. The curse also granted him true immortality, meaning that no matter what pain he would feel he would never die from his wounds.

With the help of Tony Stark, who designed an armored cast for Thor's left arm, Thor wore from head to toe magnificent gold and blue armor, along with a full gold winged helmet. He also rocked a sweet beard because even Thor can be an Asgardian hipster. The armor was built not in Asgard, but in Pittsburg at a plant called Damascus Steel. Thor had been there before to repair Mjolnir.


Thor, while floating above the Earth, threw his hammer into deep space. Now, he has been known to exaggerate, but according to him, he threw Mjolnir to the farthest reaches of the galaxy, only to have Mjolnir come back to him in under a minute. He's also swung Mjolnir twice as fast as the speed of light, giving him the ability to move through time (yeah, we're not sure about the physics of that either).

What is another example of Thor's speed? He's caught bullets while flying in midair, dodged lasers, and has even grabbed such speedsters as Quicksilver and Hermes while they were running. Keep in mind you can only catch what you see, and Thor has ben been able to spot objects that move faster than light.


All hail Roger "Red" Norvell, the God of Thunder! Surely you've heard of Red Norvell, the son of Allfather Odin? Although he started out as a pawn in a plot by Loki, Red actually became a very important part of Asgard's survival. Roger Norvell was part of a film crew documenting the Asgardian Gods and Loki noticed he was smitten with Lady Sif. He offered Norvell powers equal to Thor as a way to impress Sif.

Odin made Red the new Thor, but why? Odin had done this because Thor was destined to die fighting the Midgard Serpent during Ragnarok so he tried to do the ol' bait and switch routine. Both Red and Thor fought the Midgard Serpent with Red sacrificing himself during the battle. Odin later felt that Thor was spending too much time on Earth, so he resurrected Red and made him the Thor of Asgard.


It was often believed that Mjolnir was the main source of Thor's powers. Thor's ability to fly was produced by him throwing the hammer and holding onto the leather strap to enjoy the ride. Even such things as his lightning powers and ability to influence weather was believed to be brought about by Mjolnir. As Odin eloquently put it in Thor: Ragnarok, his son is not the God of Hammers but the God of Thunder, so those powers were coming from him.

In a deleted scene in Thor: Ragnarok, Bruce Banner refers to Thor as Dumbo, trying to make the analogy that both the elephant and the Asgardian don't need feathers or hammers to do great things. Although inconsistently portrayed, there are times in the comic where Thor clearly flies without using his hammer. In Thor: Ragnarok, he clearly generates lighting long after Mjolnir's destruction at the hands of Hela.


The Ultimates were the equivalent of the Avengers in the Ultimate Universe. The comic first premiered in March 2002 and people were introduced to very different characters. Hulk was the result of not a gamma bomb explosion but an attempt to recreate the Super Soldier Serum. Nick Fury looked suspiciously like Samuel L. Jackson and Thor wasn't Eric Masterson, Donald Blake or even Thor Odinson; he was a guy named Thorlief Golmen.

Thor fights alongside the Ultimates, but it's revealed later that he's a former nurse that had a psychotic break on his 30th birthday. He only believed he was the reincarnated version of Thor, but if he's a regular Midgard mortal, what exactly gave him his powers? His amazing abilities were actually derived from his belt and harness, objects built by the European Defense Initiative that provided him with Thor-like powers.


Thor is insanely strong, and if you want to argue in the comments about him being able to beat Superman in a fight, feel free to duke away! Even without Mjolnir he is a force to be reckoned with, and to amp up Thor even more he can enter a Berserker Rage that increases his strength tenfold. Is there anything else that Thor can do that can top that?

Any video game player knows that when the going gets tough, the tough charge up and fire their special super weapon. Thor is no exception, and when he has to lay the ultimate smackdown, he unleashes a blast called the Godforce, which channels all of his energies into a beam so powerful, it can even kill an immortal.


Galactus is figuratively and literally different things to different beings, meaning he will resemble the race that of the planet that he is about to devour. That's a nice gesture. It's gotta be hard to communicate with all the different entities out there in the universe. Some creatures are psychic, others are balls of energy that exchange ideas through extra-dimensional means. Fortunately the Asgardians figured out how to A/S/L with everyone.

Asgardians and other extra-dimensional beings speak in All-Tongue or Allspeak, which gives people the ability to understand what is said in their own native language. This might explain why Thor and other Asgardians, to some, sound like they're performing Shakespeare in the Park and to others sound more modern. In Fear Itself #5, Thor oddly enough calls Hulk a pain in the ass. Allspeak? Or all-sass?

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