Comic Legends: Was Kitty Pryde Deleted From Secret Wars?

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Kitty Pryde was going to be in Secret Wars but then Jim Shooter took her out of the book.



One of the most famous comic book covers of all-time is Mike Zeck's cover Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #1...

However, a less famous, but still noteworthy image, is the drawing by Zeck that appeared in a lot of places, including the cover of Marvel Age #12, that looked like a first draft of the Secret Wars cover, only with Kitty Pryde on the cover!

This, naturally, led to speculation that Zeck was told by the book's writer, Jim Shooter, to include her on the cover and then they had her taken out after they took her out of the book. Years and years ago, I did a legend where it was explained that, no, Zeck was just told to draw "The Fantastic Four, Avengers and X-Men" and he figured that they meant the current lineups of those teams, so he included Kitty, but then was told to take her out because she wasn't actually in the book, so no one told him to include her on the cover (it is possible that he was told by a staffer who made the same mistake, so just noting in case it wasn't actually Zeck who made the call).

However, this has led to another legend that while yes, Zeck did, in fact, draw her without being told by Shooter that she was in the comic, coincidentally Shooter HAD originally planned on having her in the story, but Chris Claremont asked her to be held out.

That is not the case. Kitty Pryde was NEVER part of the series. Shooter explained on his website that he never changed Secret Wars due to Kitty's absence. It is quite possible that he DID ask Claremont beforehand if he had any plans for her or not, which is WHY she was never in Secret Wars, but whatever the case, she was never in the plot of the series.

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