Secret Invasion: Thor #3

Story by
Art by
Doug Braithwaite
Colors by
Brian Reber
Letters by
Joe Caramagna
Cover by
Marvel Comics

This story wraps up the Skrull attack upon the sleepy Oklahoma town of Broxton and its neighboring kingdom of Asgard. Matt Fraction delivers a story filled with much hammer-swinging and a great deal of camaraderie between Thor, Beta Ray Bill, and the Warriors Three.

This issue is dialed into the battle between the aforementioned Asgardians (true and honorary) and a Super-Skrull seemingly gifted with the abilities of the Inhumans. This story plays quite well to Braithwaite's art, particularly as the story was colored from Braithwaite's pencils, giving it a dusty, earthy feel, akin to showdowns from Western movies of yore.

It was enjoyable to see Thor battle alongside Beta Ray Bill and to read the empathy those two characters have for one another. Bill is easily a misunderstood and frequently ill-presented character, but Fraction takes Bill back to his core in this series as he places the two hammer-wielders in the thick of the fight.

The resolution to the struggle is one that will surely have some implications to future writers of "Thor," as I do not think a foe has ever been vanquished by the god of thunder in such a manner as shown in the pages of this issue.

While the story read well and provided a slice of drama regarding Skrull attacks away from the primary focus of "Secret Invasion" in New York, the overall series could have been compiled into one special. I mention this as this issue was one of the fastest reads I've encountered of late, and I do not recall any of the previous issues dragging out for very long.

That said, Fraction has a great handle on the thunder god, his supporting cast and surrounding environment. Should JMS and Coipel ever need a breather on the main "Thor" series, Marvel would be foolish not to tap this team to contribute.

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