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The Secret History of 616’s Miles Morales… Is Not What We Expected

by  in CBR Exclusives, Comic News Comment
The Secret History of 616’s Miles Morales… Is Not What We Expected


In the years that followed, Miles Morales and Wilson Fisk rose through the ranks of Don Rigoletto’s organization together, becoming considerably wealthy along the way. The pair eventually decided it was time to take the Don out of the equation. Initially, they planned to just have the Don show deference to the new head of the family, but when Fisk points out that its not himself he has to show deference, to but Miles Morales, the Don refuses. His exact words are, “If this is the new face of the family then it ain’t my family.” which could be a reference to Miles’s scars, but is more likely a racist refusal of allowing an Afro-Latino man rise to a powerful position in the mob.


It’s implied that Fisk and Morales kill Rigoletto in order to take over the organization, but that would be a significant change to Marvel continuity and the origin of The Kingpin. Don Rigoletto was originally introduced — and killed off — in Frank Miller and John Romita Jr’s iconic miniseries Daredevil: The Man Without Fear. In that story, he was presented as a powerful yet somewhat moral man who refused to allow the seedier parts of criminal enterprise to enter his own organization, and was killed by Wilson Fisk who took his place as the Kingpin of Crime.

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Following the takeover, Fisk and Morales discuss their future, with Fisk noting that people have started to call him Kingpin, and Morales asserting that he thinks it’s probably going to stick. Miles admits that he wants to get out of the life and retire somewhere peaceful with his wife Barbara, and as a way to repay his best friend for saving his life in that prison bathroom so many years ago, Fisk tells Miles that he can make that happen. As an added bonus, he knows someone that can make it look like Miles never existed, allowing him to retire peacefully.

Miles vs Miles

While we’ve learned a good deal about 616 Miles Morales and how he disappeared off the grid to the point that there’s no trace of him ever existing, there are still a lot of questions to be answered, mostly regarding his family and background. It’s not hard to notice that 616 Miles doesn’t look at all like Ultimate Miles, which calls into question whether the 616 Miles has Jefferson Davis and Rio Morales for parents. There’s also the cousin mentioned by Fisk, but as far as we know our Miles doesn’t have any. The only uncle or aunt we’ve seen was Aaron Davis AKA The Prowler, and he died in a fight with Spider-Man. But if this universe’s Aaron Davis didn’t become The Prowler, and this universe’s Miles Morales didn’t become Spider-Man, there’s a good chance he perhaps has a child who grew up alongside Miles.


There’s also the possibility of the most underwhelming reveal the series could have; this is just a man also named Miles Morales, with no connection to the Miles we know other than that they share a name. Heck, DC Comics has two superheroes called Hal Jordan (Look it up — Airwave is Green Lantern’s cousin, also called Hal!) and Miles Morales is hardly an uncommon name. At a time when our Miles is undergoing a crisis regarding his heroism and capacity for evil and violence, it wouldn’t be surprising for this series to introduce the possibility of a life of crime for Miles only for him to discover they aren’t actually doppelgängers. Whatever the truth is, there’s only two issues of Spider-Men II left, and we’re anticipating the first full Miles v Miles confrontation.

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