Secret Empire: Brave New World Stars Marvel's New Invaders, Patriot

Not only will Steve Rogers face resistance from old allies when the Captain America-led Hydra launches its "Secret Empire" this summer, some new faces will join the effort to overthrow the terrorist organizations regime.

In "Secret Empire: Brave New World," a new Invaders will form to take on their former teammate's evil forces. In the pages of the miniseries, original Invaders Namor, the first Human Torch and Toro will be joined by Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Miles Morales and Ironheart to foil Hydra's plans.

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In addition the the rise of a new team, "Brave New World" will also introduce the All-New Patriot, a hero we know nothing about (and Marvel's keeping mum), save for the fact that he's utilizing some high-tech weaponry to beat down Hydra foot soldiers on the cover for Issue #2. The series will also showcase other heroes like Blade and Gwenpool as they adjust to their new reality of living in a Hydra-run world.

"Secret Empire: Brave New World" #1 cover by Paolo Siquera and colorist Marcio Manyz

As part of the series announcement, Nerdist spoke with writer Paul Allor, who said his series' story "will give you a deeper understanding of how Captain America’s oldest allies are dealing with the strange new world order. It definitely weaves into the events of the main book in some interesting ways. Basically, Brian, Charles and I are cooking up a story that will deepen your understanding of this brave new world, while also hopefully serving as a tense and fantastic story of its own."

"For the Invaders story, we’re not recasting any particular tales from the Marvel Universe, but we are drawing on the deep history that exists between these characters,” Allor added. “These guys were all there at the very beginning of the Marvel Universe. They fought together, they sacrificed, they formed friendships that have lasted several lifetimes. And now one of them has taken over the world. Our story will be dealing with how the others react to that, in sometimes very different ways, and how their long history together plays a part in their actions of today."

Issues #1 and #2 both arrive in stores this June; the first issue is written by Paul Allor, Jeremy Whitley and Nick Kocher, with art by art by Brian Level, Diego Olortegui, Will Robson. Issue #2 has art by Brian Level, Tana Ford and Juan M. Frigeri. The series will feature covers by Paulo Siquera and colorist Marcio Menyz

"Secret Empire: Brave New World" #1 cover, featuring the All-New Patriot, by Paolo Siquera and colorist Marcio Manyz
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