Secret Empire Ends, Legacy Numbering Expands in Marvel's August Highlights


Summer has barely begun, and yet it's already time for Marvel Comics to look to the future in the form of its August 2017 solicitations. CBR will have the publisher's complete solicits online shortly, but before then, we're taking a look at the month's biggest highlights.

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First, as covered in greater detail here, Marvel has finally released the first story details for its series of Generations one-shots. Five of them -- starring Wolverines, Thors, Phoenixes, Hawkeyes and Hulks -- arrive in August, and while the basic machinations bringing the event to life remains mysterious (what interest does Apocalypse have in the Thors?), we now know that time travel is somehow involved. Which is interesting, since that was one of the theories Marvel's editor-in-chief Axel Alonso specifically ruled out in an early interview about the team-ups.

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The end of summer also means the end of Secret Empire, as HydraCap's fascist reign over the United States will fall. The event series recently added an extra issue, so August will see the release of three chapters of the controversial storyline rather than two, along with the final batch of tie-ins across the Marvel line.

And now, the biggest news across the rest of the Marvel Universe:

  • Silver Surfer #14 appears to be the series' last issue, as Dan Slott and Mike Allred take the Surfer and Dawn Greenwood "for one final trip around the universe."
  • X-Men Blue continues its Secret Empire arc, but it's also of interest as it involves the young, time-displaced X-team against the once again villainous Emma Frost, aka the White Queen. Meanwhile, X-Men Gold is Secret Empire-free, but features the return of classic X-villain Omega Red.
  • Amazing Spider-Man #31 is also fully embroiled in the Secret Empire storyline, but will remain entirely relevant to fans of the wall-crawler as it involves a big throwdown between Spidey and Otto Octavius, aka the Superior Octopus.


  • Speaking of the former Doctor Octopus, he joins Taskmaster and Deadpool in Avengers #10, where all three will fight alongside Earth's Mightiest Heroes.
  • Lockjaw -- perhaps the most popular Inhuman of all -- stars in an oversized one-shot reprinting a number of his most important stories from the past several decades.
  • Ultimates 2 appears to be the first series to follow in the shoes of Venom, returning to its legacy numbering in August with Issue #100.
  • Edge of Venomverse comes to a close, but before it does, it bases the story in its penultimate issue in the world of the original "Old Man Logan" storyline.
  • For months, Jessica Jones has teased a mystery involving the secrets of the Marvel Universe's many births, rebirths and other cosmic calamities. Now, Issue #11 teases a massive revelation involving Maria Hill that promises "the Marvel Universe will never be the same again."
  • The truth behind Riri Williams' A.I. mentor based on the brainwaves of Tony Stark is revealed, and it's not looking good. Apparently, it's not quite and benevolent as it's led Ironheart and her confidants to believe.

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