Secret Empire #9 to Reveal the Secret of Steve Rogers

Marvel's event series Secret Empire depicts the heroes of the Marvel Universe under the rule of Hydra and its Supreme Leader, the former Captain America, Steve Rogers. With the series reaching its midway point, a new teaser for Secret Empire #9 promises to pull back the curtain on another secret about Rogers that will rock the Marvel Universe.

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The tease comes with a first look at the cover of Secret Empire #9, showing Hydra Council member Baron Zemo locked in combat with a figure whose identity is marked as "Classified." In the background are the large-tentacled Hydra warships, and in the forefront is Black Panther, attempting to pick himself up off the ground.


The question at hand is what secret could Marvel reveal about HydraCap? Generations looms in the aftermath of Secret Empire, and it includes a story featuring Captain America Sam Wilson fighting alongside a heroic Steve Rogers in the past, so perhaps the first seeds for this will be introduced in Secret Empire #9.

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Maybe the secret is this person parading around as HydraCap isn't the real Steve Rogers after all. The series debuted a bearded individual who looks and acts a lot like Steve in Secret Empire #2. No additional details were provided about his true identity, but he's been joined by two other gentlemen who may or may not be versions of Steve's close friends Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson. We even have our own theories on who Secret Empire's HydraCap really is.


Secret Empire #9, by writer Nick Spencer and artist Leinil Yu, goes on sale Aug. 23.

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