Odinson, Scarlet Witch & Vision Stand Tall on Secret Empire #6 Cover


Marvel has released Mark Brooks' cover for "Secret Empire" #6, by writer Nick Spencer and artist Leinil Francis Yu, and it's a doozy, introducing three new players to the event's battlefield, including one who hasn't interacted much with the rest of his Avengers compatriots in years.

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Thor Odinson is front and center on the cover, though we don't yet know if he'll be worthy at this point. Flanking him is the former husband and wife team of Vision and Scarlet Witch. All three Avengers appear to be fairly angry, with Thor's emotions presumably manifesting themselves in the form of the violent lightning storm buffeting the heroes.

Mark Brooks' cover for "Secret Empire" #6

The cover was revealed in the following video that finds Brooks detailing his personal secret origin as a comic book artist as he crafts the cover. Brooks also explains what inspires his covers, and his approach to this specific cover's featured characters.

“Secret Empire” will follow up on the conclusion of “Civil War II,” which saw Steve Rogers – now a double agent working for Hydra after having his reality manipulated by a sentient Cosmic Cube – assume command of S.H.I.E.L.D. Likewise, we know Cap will no longer be working in the shadows, and the series will serve as a culmination of the events from titles such as “Captain America: Sam Wilson” and “Captain America: Steve Rogers.”

Written by Nick Spencer, with art by Steve McNiven, “Secret Empire” #0 arrives in stores in April, and issue #1 will debut in May. The series will run through the summer before coming to a close in August.

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