Marvel's Secret Empire Goes Cosmic On Issue #3 Cover


Currently, readers are preparing for the latest event to storm through the doors of the House of Ideas - "Secret Empire." To help build up momentum as the event draws nearer, Marvel has released a first look at the cover to issue #3 of the series.

The cover, illustrated by Mark Brooks, spotlights three of Marvel's quintessential cosmic heroes - Captain Marvel, Nova and Groot - as they battle an army of Chitauri soldiers in the vast emptiness of space.

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This is just the latest cover reveal for "Secret Empire," with Marvel also debuting the cover for "Secret Empire" #0, the cover for the "Secret Empire: Uprising" one-shot, and an array of variant covers featuring some of the most notorious villains the Marvel Universe has in its arsenal.

"Secret Empire" will follow up on the conclusion of “Civil War II,” which saw Steve Rogers - now a double agent working for Hydra after having his reality manipulated by a sentient Cosmic Cube - assume command of S.H.I.E.L.D. Likewise, we know Cap will no longer be working in the shadows, and the series will serve as a culmination of the events from titles such as “Captain America: Sam Wilson” and “Captain America: Steve Rogers.”

Written by Nick Spencer, with art by Steve McNiven, “Secret Empire” #0 arrives in stores in April, and issue #1 will debut in May. The series will run through the summer before coming to a close in August.

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