Marvel's Secret Empire Adds One More Issue

In what is becoming a yearly tradition, Marvel Comics has added an extra issue to its summer event series Secret Empire, with issue 10 arriving in August.

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"[Writer] Nick [Spencer] has constructed each issue of Secret Empire so that it ends with a climactic twist or a big reveal or a shocking development, and issue #9 is no exception," Executive Editor Tom Breevort disclosed in an interview with Marvel.com. "So moving into the finale, with issue #10, the heroes across the Marvel Universe will be pushed to the breaking point as we race to the exhilarating climax we’ve been planning for months. Oh, and let me say again: we’re not going to use the Cosmic Cube to simply reverse everything away—the stakes matter, maybe more than they ever have before."

This is the third Marvel event to add an additional issue to its ending, following in the footsteps of 2015's Secret Wars and 2016's Civil War II.

Joining Nick Spencer on Secret Empire #10 will be artist Steve McNiven, who illustrated the first issue of the Captain America-centric story that finds Steve Rogers -- now a double agent working for Hydra after having his reality manipulated by a sentient Cosmic Cube -- betray his friends and lead a Hydra-led takeover of the United States. One interesting addition to the logo at the top of Issue #10 is the word "Classified" obscuring what has been a combination of Cap's shield and the Hydra logo; perhaps with the final reveal dictating which way the story's outcome will play out.

Secret Empire #10 arrives in August.

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