Second 'Noble Causes' Trade Set for March

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ORANGE, CA -- 28 January, 2004 -- With a new series and second anthology one-shot in the works for this summer, Image Comics is priming a second NOBLE CAUSES trade paperback for release in March.

Created by Jay Faerber, NOBLE CAUSES follows the adventures of the Noble family as seen through the eyes of Liz Donnelly-Noble, a stranger in a strange land ­ a civilian living amongst a family of super-heroes. Liz left "normal" life behind when she married into the world-famous Noble family, but her fairy tale world came crashing down around her when her husband was murdered on their wedding night.

The second NOBLE CAUSES trade paperback, written by Faerber, and featuring art by Ian Richardson, Jonboy Meyers, Matt Wendt, Jon Sommariva, and Andres Ponce, collects 2002's NOBLE CAUSES: FAMILY SECRETS miniseries and finds the Noble family embroiled in yet another publicity scandal ­ this one involving the teenage Zephyr Noble, who is revealed to be pregnant. Now, the question on everyone's lips is: Who's the father? As the Nobles try and track down both the father's identity and the source of the leak, Frost, the black sheep of the family, tries to use the situation to further his own agenda, and patriarch Doc takes some very drastic steps towards becoming a better father.

While Faerber had already established himself as a writer on such titles as Generation X, New Warriors, and The Titans, NOBLE CAUSES marked his first creator-owned effort and is widely regarded as his finest work. The series' emphasis on character drama over slugfests has garnered praise from The Comic Buyers' Guide and Comic Shop News, as well as numerous comics-related Websites. The book has also been featured as a Wizard "Staff Pick" and was twice optioned for television.

This second trade paperback collection precedes the book's relaunch as a monthly series, scheduled for later this summer. In addition to the complete "Family Secrets" story arc, the collection also features creator commentary, never-before-seen development and promotional artwork, and an introduction by Rick Alexander, producer of the upcoming Conan movie.

NOBLE CAUSES, VOL. 2: FAMILY SECRETS, a 120-page trade paperback with a cover price of $12.95, is available for order now in the January issue of Previews and will go on sale March 17.

Noble Causes #1 is currently available free online at Imagecomics.com.

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