Second "Nemesis" name auction over $4,600

Last month Mark Millar and Dynamic Forces auctioned off a "starring role" in Millar and Steve McNiven's upcoming Marvel Icon comic Nemesis, raising more than $8,000 for the school where Millar's brother works with handicapped children. The winner of that auction, Blake Morrow, will share his name with the book's good guy, a cop trying to stop the title character.

Now Millar is auctioning off the real name of the title character and bad guy, Nemesis. If you'd like to face off with Morrow in the book, you've still got a little more than a day to place your bid. As I type this, it's currently up to $4,650.

"Can I just say a huge thank you to everyone who participated in the first auction," Millar said in a press release on the auction. "The kids and staff at my brother's school were delighted and the $8,400 raised means a quarter of their target has been reached already. I had chosen a good secret identity for Nemesis himself, but it seems almost selfish not to auction this now too and possibly reach the halfway line the kids need for this bus. I'm amazed how much cash was raised the first time around, but am hoping the auction to name the TITLE character raises even more. Dave Lizewski loves the fact he's the lead in the Kick-Ass comic, movie and upcoming video-game and I'm hoping whoever wins this new auction is equally delighted. A huge thanks to them for finding the cash in these difficult times."

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