Second Law & Order Canceled This Year

Things are not looking rosy for the Law & Order franchise these days. Not only was the original series canceled earlier this year after 20 seasons, but now it's looking like spin-off Law & Order: Criminal Intent is heading to the courthouse in the sky as well.

Deadline Hollywood is reporting that, after a lot of confusion over its future, Criminal Intent will probably return to the USA Network for a shortened eight-episode final season that will not include star Jeff Goldblum, who has decided not to return after taking over the lead from Vincent D'Onofrio last year; D'Onofrio, however, may return for some of the episodes.

Even those final eight episodes aren't a done deal, however; the pick-up has not been announced, and may yet fall apart if budget concerns aren't dealt with. Will this become the second Law & Order to disappear without a proper finale this year? And how does this bode for surviving L&O series Law & Order: SVU and newcomer Law & Order: LA?

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