Second 'Kissing Chaos' Series Headed to Book Form

Official Press Release

Oni Press is pleased to announce the September release of the second KISSING CHAOS trade paperback, collecting the second miniseries by Arthur Dela Cruz, NONSTOP BEAUTY. Coming a year after the arrival of the first volume of the teenage crime comic, NONSTOP BEAUTY cracks open the confines of Dela Cruz's original story line and begins to reveal the larger facets of a very dark and deadly world.

"The best thing about Arthur's work on this book is watching him peel back the layers," said Oni Press publisher Joe Nozemack. "Everything he does is about subtext. It's not the plot that's out in front, it's the plots going on in the background. It's not about what the characters are telling their friends, but what's running through their head, the activity of their interior lives. You can enjoy this in so many different ways, discovering something new with each reading. How you enjoyed the comics in individual form is not how you're going to enjoy them reading the story in one sitting."

NONSTOP BEAUTY is the story of Ashley, a young woman whose life changes completely when she receives a mysterious e-mail from her friend Angela. She is now in possession of a file she doesn't comprehend, but that is wanted by people who are willing to kill to get it. If that weren't enough, she is already involved in some artistic, anarchist stunts that could land her in hot water, and her best friends are flirting with an illicit affair that could spark violence amongst her clique. It's a lot of trouble to find yourself in just for booting up your computer.

"There are always several things going on at once in this book," editor Jamie S. Rich commented. "When Arthur came up with the titles for this book, he wasn't kidding. The action is both chaotic and nonstop, and his artwork is nothing short of beautiful. The title is the best advertisement we have."

"Whenever I do a KISSING CHAOS comic, I want it to be a new experience," Dela Cruz said. "I want to offer my readers something they didn't get the time before. I take the same approach when it comes to the trade paperbacks. If you already were kind enough to buy my comics, I want to give your something more if you buy the book. I like to stick to the movie and DVD analogy-you get the movie when you go to the theater, but you get a glimpse inside the film when you buy the DVD. This trade is going to have some neat extras, including sketches, commentary, and a look at some of the work I did with the Kissing Chaos street team to spread the word about the comic."

"Arthur really raised the bar for trade paperback extras," Rich added, "when we did the first volume. It's become the new standard at Oni. Creators want to do something like that. The goal is to make the book a complete experience, and the extras should reflect the mood, feel, and themes of the story itself. From the cover design, you can already see Arthur is going to take us somewhere interesting. I am sure he and graphic designer Kalah Allen are going to dazzle us all."

KISSING CHAOS, vol. 2: NONSTOP BEAUTY is a 112 page trade paperback, featuring black-and-white story and art. It ships to comic book stores on September 3, 2003, and retails for $11.95. It's suggested for mature readers.

Readers looking to sample KISSING CHAOS can read the very first issue at http://www.onipress.com, where it's available as a downloadable pdf in the Free Comic section. The first KISSING CHAOS trade paperback is still in print. The Diamond Star code is STAR16611 or the ISBN 1-929998-32-5.

Also, watch for the all new KISSING CHAOS one-shot, 1,000 WORDS, in July.

Kissing Chaos is ™ & © 2003 Arthur Dela Cruz. Oni Press logo and icon are ™ & © 2003 Oni Press, Inc. All rights reserved. Oni Press logo and icon artwork created by Dave Gibbons.

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