Second Kickstarter launches for 'Stripped' documentary

There are two remarkable things about Dave Kellett's Kickstarter for his documentary Stripped. The first is that the pitch video includes a snippet of what Kellett claims is the first-ever audio interview with reclusive Calvin and Hobbes creator Bill Watterson. That alone is going to make this film a must-see for a lot of people.

The second is that this is a Kickstarter for a project that's already fully funded. What Kellett is looking for with this second campaign is access to more licensed footage:

You see, as we were editing the film, we realized we couldn't talk about the death of newspapers without showing how culturally massive they once were, and how famous cartoonists themselves were. And that means using footage we don’t own, like: Charles Schulz' TV specials, interview clips from Carson, 1930's newsreels and more.

It’s footage that improves the film so much...but it's expensive. Some of these clips can only be sourced in private archives, while others can only be had in high-def by paying a licensing fee to the studio.

Kellett notes that the vast majority of the copyright holders allowed him to use material free of charge, and he devotes quite a bit of space to explaining why he won't simply use the remaining footage without payment and call it "fair use." He has set up a two-tiered Kickstarter and spelled out his wish lists for both tiers, and Gary Tyrrell of Fleen reports that as a contributor to the first Stripped Kickstarter, he received a message from Kellett and his partner Fred Schroeder saying they did not expect first-time supporters to pledge ot this campaign as well, which is pretty classy.

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