Second 'Invincibles' trade set for March

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[Invincible volume 2]ORANGE, CA -- Life has been interesting for Mark Grayson since he began developing super powers in the first issue of INVINCIBLE last year, but as anyone who's read INVINCIBLE #7 will attest: He ain't seen nothing yet. So with even more turbulent times ahead and an almost certain change in the series' status quo looming large on the horizon, Image is readying the second trade paperback collection of INVINCIBLE for release this March.

Written by Robert Kirkman and featuring art by Russ Manning Award nominee Cory Walker, Ryan Ottley and colorist Bill Crabtree, INVINCIBLE, VOL. 2: EIGHT IS ENOUGH collects issues #5-8 of the critically acclaimed series just as INVINCIBLE approaches its twelfth issue. The trouble is... INVINCIBLE #12 could well be the last stand for the novice hero.

"It's all starting at the end of issue #7," Kirkman explained. "Without giving anything away for anyone who hasn't read that issue, Mark's life is now in danger of changing drastically. Events were set in motion that we'll be following up in the 'Perfect Strangers' arc running through issues #9-12, with an epilogue in issue #13."

Kirkman noted that issue #12 is going to be a monumental event that will have a long-lasting effects on the series.

"I just can't wait to see fan reaction to 'Perfect Strangers'... It's going to be nuts," Kirkman chuckled. "And it all starts in the INVINCIBLE, VOL. 2: EIGHT IS ENOUGH trade."

Since its debut, INVINCIBLE has received widespread critical acclaim, winning praise from ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, THE COMICS BUYERS' GUIDE and a variety of comics Websites. The series is also scheduled to be touted as WIZARD's "Book of the Month" in its next issue. The strong word of mouth, supported by regular overships, has helped the book slowly find an audience in a market typically numb to new superheroes.

INVINCIBLE'S teenage star hasn't been the only one to experience growing pains, though. The series itself fell victim to erratic shipping following issue #4 and is only now getting back on track, thanks in part to a much-needed fill-in issue (issue #7 featured artwork by Dave Johnson, Erik Larsen, Tony Moore, Mark Englert, Cliff Rathburn and Kirkman's Battle Pope pals, Terry Stevens and Matt Roberts) and a revitalized creative team. Issue #7 is Walker's final issue; new regular artist Ryan Ottley begins with #8.

"With Cory Walker moving on to other things, my first choice to replace him was Ryan Ottley," stated Kirkman. "Ryan has done the Web comic 'Ted Noodleman' that appears weekly over at www.moviepoopshoot.com, as well as various work in Digital Webbing Presents. I learned of his work from his posting over at www.penciljack.com and have been a fan for some time. Ryan has really hit the ground running on this book. With issue #8 due to hit stores in a couple weeks, he's already hard at work on issue #10. Rest assured, our scheduling problems will be a thing of the past."

INVINCIBLE, VOL. 2: EIGHT IS ENOUGH, a 128-page trade paperback with a cover price of $12.95, is available for order now in the January issue of Previews and will go on sale March 31.

INVINCIBLE #1 is currently available free online at www.imagecomics.com.

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