Former Hearthstone Developers Making Mobile Game with Marvel, NetEase

Game development studio Second Dinner, led by the former principal designer and game director of Hearthstone, Ben Brode, has just announced that they are hiring positions to help with work for a new, fully-funded mobile game based on the Marvel intellectual property. No word yet on which Marvel property will be the focus, but the team is clearly excited based on an announcement video released today.

Brode left Blizzard Entertainment's Hearthstone team back in April of 2017, and many wondered what his next move would be. Now we know. Second Dinner, which he founded with CEO Hamilton Chu -- who was Hearthstone’s executive producer -- will be working with Chinese publisher NetEase, which is responsible for another Blizzard mobile game that's pretty popular -- Diablo: Immortal.

NetEase has reportedly ponied up $30 million for the new Marvel game's development. This announcement comes just weeks after word broke that Marvel's Spider-Man Unlimited mobile game was nearing an end, so it's no surprise that the comics giant is looking to launch something new.

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Aside from Brode and Chu, the team at Second Dinner is stacked with ex-Blizzard employees and well-respected industry names that include Hearthstone ex-lead producer Yong Woo and art director Jomaro Kindred. It would appear that Brode and Chu were pretty happy with their team on Hearthstone, seeing as they've brought so many of them aboard now.

Hearthstone, released in 2014, is Blizzard's digital card game that draws characters and abilities from its Warcraft franchise. In November 2018, Blizzard stated that it had achieved over 100 million players over the course of the game's life.

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