Second Cover to "Imaginaries" #2 Revealed

Official Press Release

BERKELEY, CA -- 31 JANUARY, 2005 -- The second issue of writer Ben Avery and creator and artist Mike S. Miller's all-ages adventure THE IMAGINARIES is solicited in the February PREVIEWS with two covers, but only cover "B," by artist Greg Titus, is displayed. Here, then, is Mike S. Miller's "A" cover to the book. THE IMAGINARIES is a four issue miniseries published by Image Comics.

Miller's cover features the book's "imaginary" hero, Superhero G, ready to leap into action.

A child's faith is a powerful thing. It gives life to his imagination, and that imagination can even take on a life of its own. But what happens to the imaginary friends, the childhood superheroes, the playmates and stuffed animals when the children who gave them life no longer believe in them? They go to the IMAGINED NATION. In THE IMAGINARIES, Superhero G explores this strange new world, full of the imaginings of billions of children around the world. Along the way he meets strange and wonderful characters, the kind only a child could believe in, and discovers a new purpose for his existence unbound by the imaginings of his creator, and is free to become more than even he has ever imagined before.

THE IMAGINARIES #2 is solicited in the February issue of Diamond PREVIEWS and will hit stands April 20.

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