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Fridolfs Takes the Road Home with "Catwoman"

Derek Fridolfs flexes his writing muscles in October's "Catwoman" one-shot as part the "Bruce Wayne - The Road Home" series of titles tying into the highly anticipated return of the original Dark Knight.


CCI: Saturday Photo Parade

It's the Saturday Photo Parade from this summer's Comic-Con International in San Diego, featuring Joss and Jed Whedon, Felicia Day, Catwoman, Tony Stark, Kenneth Branagh, Captain America and plenty more!


Catwoman To Join The Riddler In Batman 3?

Will Selina Kyle (and her feline-friendly alter-ego) make an appearance in Christopher Nolan's third and final Batman movie? New rumors suggest it's a possibility, and she wouldn't be the only villain.

CBR Exclusives

This week, Augie reviews "Batman: The Cat and the Bat" and "Missile Mouse: The Star Crusher." Both are great fun, but only one has a character with a jet pack. Also, more thoughts on digital comic distribution to the iPad!


Catwoman #83

"Catwoman" suffers from formatting restrictions and uninked rushed-looking art, but still delivers on its premise.

Video Games

New "Mortal Kombat vs DCU" images, trailers

Midway has released a new batch of MK vs DCU images and game trailers, including cut scene footage of Catwoman vs Sonya Blade, Captain Marvel struggling with Mortal Kombat related anger issues and...Darkseid!


Catwoman #81

The penultimate issue of Selina Kyle's series, and it's a good one.

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