Sean Murphy to Follow "All-Star Batman" With His Own Dark Knight Comic

Following his upcoming arc on "All-Star Batman" with collaborator Scott Snyder, "Tokyo Ghost" artist Sean Gordon Murphy write and draw on his own Batman title for DC Comics.

Murphy, whose credits also include "Punk Rock Jesus," "Joe the Barbarian" and "The Wake," made the announcement Saturday on Twitter. The back-to-back projects mean he'll be working exclusively for DC for the next two years.

"The Batman book I'm doing alone will be my 'DK' and my 'Year 100,'" Murphy wrote, referring to Frank Miller's "Batman: The Dark Knight" and Paul Pope's "Batman: Year 100," "an Elseworld-like take on Batman. My attempt at an opus."

Responding to questions from his Twitter followers, Murphy said his still-untitled Batman book is planned for eight issues, "but that might change," and will feature multiple Batmobiles, redesigns of "everything and everyone," and "as many of the Bat villains as I can."

"Batman is the top of the comic book mountain," he tweeted. "It's my chance to climb it."

Murphy previously tackled the Dark Knight in 2005's "Batman/Scarecrow: Year One," a two-part miniseries written by Bruce Jones.

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