Sean Murphy helps <i>American Vampire</i> go to war

Pamela Mullin announced on Vertigo's Graphic Content blog today that Joe the Barbarian artist Sean Murphy will draw an upcoming American Vampire spin-off miniseries that will coincide with an arc in the main book that takes place during World War II. In addition, he's also supplying the above variant cover for issue #13, where the WWII "epic" begins. Scott Snyder is writing the spin-off.

This seems to be a vote of confidence in the series, which is good to hear, as it is an awesome read each month. The comic received a lot of attention when it launched because Stephen King wrote half of the first five issues, but in my opinion Snyder's half made up the stronger of the two stories (he has since gone on to become the regular writer on Detective Comics). Both, of course, received a lot of help from the awesome Rafael Albuquerque.

Apparently I'm not alone in my assessment, as the book made it into CBR's Top Ten of best comics in 2010. I also gave the recent hardcover collection to both of my brothers for Christmas this year, with my younger one declaring that it "kicked ass."

For more on American Vampire, check out CBR's video interview with Snyder from last year's New York Comic Con, and of course the interview Paul Cornell conducted with him last month.

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