Sean Murphy goes old-school arcade with 'Castlevania' art

Sean Murphy is in the middle of drawing his first Image Comics series -- a collaboration with Rick Remender called Tokyo Ghost -- but he still has time for a side project, especially a fun one. Over the weekend Murphy posted a gorgeous illustration based on the classic video game Castlevania, but it's not just a pin-up -- it's a piece done to the specifications of a classic stand-up arcade box.

"For fun, I'm going to do a series of pieces that are 23x7 like the marquee of a retro stand-up arcade machine (it's that plexiglass light at the top)," Murphy writes.

Although new arcade boxes are few and far between, Murphy aimed for accuracy with with the specifications as well as the tracking holes reminiscent of old films -- something many original arcade graphics also incorporated as a tribute to movies they were inspired by.

For Castlevania itself, Murphy used both the logo and the villains from the first NES game, but for the design of the namesake castle and the lead character Simon, the artist created his own design.

Head to Murphy's deviantART page for more from the artist in the comments, and to look forward to what he teases will be the next installment of the arcade series, Spy Hunter.

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