Sean Murphy Seemingly Confirms Batman: White Knight 2


Batman: White Knight creator Sean Murphy has seemingly unveiled early art for a sequel to his massively successful limited series. The comic book series imagined a Gotham in which the Joker is reformed and Batman, predictably, isn’t buying it. Batman: White Knight ended its eight-issue run back in May, but now it seems like more may soon be on the way.

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“Secret project,” said Murphy in a Twitter post. “(I don't care if this book is the worst kept secret in comics, I'm going to keep showing you guys progress and to hell with the consequences).”

The illustration in Murphy’s post appears to show the Joker, who went by his civilian name Jack Napier in the comics, suited up as the Dark Knight himself, or in a superhero suit similar in appearance. Other than that, little else can be gleaned from the very early art. This isn't the first time Murphy has teased art that might be attached to Batman: White Knight 2, but it is the most overt example.

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Batman: White Knight dove deep into the connection between Gotham’s resident vigilante, Batman, and his archnemesis, the Joker. After consuming strange, unmarked pills, Joker is cured of his psychopathy and vows to lead the charge against vigilantism in Gotham. The series forced the franchise’s character, and readers alike, to reassess what they believe about Batman, the Joker and their strange, strange relationship.

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