Sean Murphy asks for fan input for upcoming <I>Punk Rock Jesus</I> print

Following Joe the Barbarian and American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest, artist Sean Murphy is priming himself for his biggest work yet: writing and drawing his own series. Although he's done it in the past with the graphic novel Off Road, the upcoming limited series Punk Rock Jesus from Vertigo is by far more ambitious in terms of plot and potential. DC/Vertigo has yet to "officially announce" the book, but Murphy has already penciled the first issue and is working up some standalone art to accompany the project... and he needs your help.

Murphy's created this dynamic piece of art and he's looking for fan input on whether to sell the print in color or black-and-white. What do you think?

Murphy talked with CBR about Punk Rock Jesus way back in 2009, and according to his DeviantArt postings has turned down a number of high-profile projects at Marvel and DC to finally get the chance to pursue more of his own material like this.

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