Sean Kleefeld named Comics Biggest Fan

Official Press Release

In the July 2003 issue of Previews, Diamond Comic Distributors announced thewinner of it's Comics' #1 Fan contest: Sean Kleefeld. The title was to beawarded to "the comic book fan who, in Diamond's estimation, does the bestjob spreading the word about Free Comic Book Day!"

Kleefeld impressed judges by performing an array of different activities topromote the Free Comic Book Day event. In addition to posting FCBD bannerson his web site, Kleefeld also posted a FCBD sign outside his office at work(thereby forcing co-workers to learn about the event), sent a commentary toNational Public Radio, and put his money where his mouth is by buying 250copies of of Second to Some Studios' Christa Shemrot's 100% GuaranteedHow-To Manual for Getting Anyone to Read Comic Books!!! and then giving themaway in custom-designed displays in five separate locations on the campus ofWright State University!

What seemed to impress judges, too, was the personal touch Kleefeld added tothe event. When learning that a colleague used to be a fan ofDial-H-For-Hero, he purchased a copy of H-E-R-O Double Feature #1 and sentit to him along with Fantastic Four #60 and Superman: The 10¢ Adventure.

Kleefeld himself was stunned to learn he had been chosen Comics' #1 Fan, asothers' stunts ranged from re-painting their van to include the FCBD logo toshooting an independent film! He is quite honored to receive the title andhopes to continue promoting the comic book medium to everyone who willlisten: "I certainly hope my efforts have helped the industry in whateversmall way I could have, and I hope that the Free Comic Book Day eventcontinues to be an annual opportunity to share my favorite medium with therest of the world."

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