Sean Gordon Murphy Teases His Next DC Project With New Artwork


Sean Gordon Murphy, the creator behind the breakout series Batman: White Knight, has teased the announcement of his next DC project for 2019 with artwork featuring the man who replaced Batman after his back was broken by Bane, Azrael.

"BREAKING: get ready for a huge announcement about my next book in 2019..." Murphy tweeted late Wednesday afternoon. Murphy depicts Jean-Paul Valley in his Azrael armor while holding a flaming sword in his hand.

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Murphy teased a sequel to Batman: White Knight in August with another tweet of a "secret project" and a sketch of a character slipping on the Batman cowl. Whether its Bruce Wayne or Jack Napier, who is the civilian identity of The Joker remains to be seen. We also have to wonder if Murphy is working on a new Azrael series in the main DC Universe, or will he adapt the hero for what he's dubbed the "Murphyverse."

DC added Batman: White Knight to its Black Label imprint once the series came to a conclusion. With New York Comic Con beginning next week, we can anticipate the big reveal to take place at the event.

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Batman: White Knight dove deep into the connection between Gotham’s resident vigilante, Batman, and his archnemesis, the Joker. After consuming strange, unmarked pills, Joker is cured of his psychopathy and vows to lead the charge against vigilantism in Gotham. The series forced the franchise’s character, and readers alike, to reassess what they believe about Batman, the Joker and their strange, strange relationship.

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