Batman: Last Knight is Sean Murphy's Last Collaborative Comics Project


Batman: White Knight creator Sean Gordon Murphy has announced his plans to go solo when it comes to making comics. The writer/artist plans to retire from collaborative work in order to focus on projects he both writes and illustrates.

"After this book, I'm retiring from working with writers," Murphy tweeted earlier today, referencing his upcoming Batman series with writer Scott Snyder. "Going to do my own stuff from now on."

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The news came just after Murphy took part in a DC Comics panel at New York Comic Con, where it was announced that he will be working with Snyder on Batman: Last Knight. The project has been described by Snyder as his "last Batman story."

Over the span of his career, Murphy has worked with some of the biggest creators in the business. He has collaborated with Snyder before, releasing American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest in 2011 and The Wake in 2013. He has also worked with Grant Morrison on Joe the Barbarian in 2010 and with Mark Millar on Chrononauts.

Murphy's breakout work as a writer and artist was 2012's Punk Rock Jesus with Vertigo. His Batman book Batman: White Knight, which sees a cured Joker fight against a criminally violent Batman, debuted this month to critical and fan acclaim. It was also revealed at the panel that Murphy and DC Comics are discussing a possible sequel for the book.

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