Sean Bean Reveals His Favorite Onscreen Death

sean bean in the lord of the rings

Sean Bean has had some pretty spectacular onscreen deaths over the past three decades, but he has a favorite: Boromir's in "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring."

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"It's my favorite death scene, and I've done a few," he told Entertainment Weekly. "You couldn't ask for a more heroic death."

In the scene, from director Peter Jackson's 2001 adaptation, Boromir is shot in the chest with three arrows as he defends the Hobbits and his other companions from the Uruk-hai. The character's death comes shortly after he attempts to steal the One Ring from Frodo, and helps to redeem the troubled Boromir.

Bean also addressed the secret to making a death scene believable. "You can't show off," he explained. "You can't be vain or posing. ... Because every time you die, it's a big fucking moment!"

The 58-year-old actor stars on ITV's "The Frankenstein Chronicles," which reimagines Mary Shelley's classic tale. Bean plays Police Inspector John Marlott, who discovers a corpse washed up on the shore of the Thames isn't actually a child, but rather a grotesque assembly of human body parts. Marlott's search for the killer takes him into an underworld of prostitution, drug smuggling, body-snatching and murder for profit.

The second season is slated for release sometime this year. The cast also includes Anna Maxwell Martin, Charlie Creed-Miles, Eloise Smyth, Samuel West, and Vanessa Kirby.

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