SDCC'10 | Bandai announces <i>Kannagi</i> manga

Bandai Entertainment is chiefly known as an anime publisher, but it also produces a very nice line of manga, mostly related to their anime properties. Its big manga announcement at Comic-Con International is Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens, which inspired the anime of the same name (which is also, conveniently, published by Bandai).

"The manga tells the story of Nagi, a goddess who is accidentally awakened with a mission to cleanse the world of impurities," the official press release says, and that sounds pretty standard-issue for seinen (young men's) manga, but there was a curious controversy about the latest volume: Some fans became outraged because Nagi, the main character, mentioned an ex-boyfriend, which suggests that she is not a virgin. (Here's a detailed but decidedly NSFW account of the whole, er, affair from Sankaku Complex.) The series is on hiatus in Japan because creator Eri Takenashi is ill, although her younger brother recently launched a Kannagi spinoff in the same magazine that carries the original series.

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