SDCC | You can get that 'Batman '66' utility belt you always wanted

Mattel has revealed a lineup of Comic-Con International exclusives that includes Cyborg and Doomsday action figures, the Batman: Arkham Knight Batmobile and -- get this -- a replica of the Caped Crusader's utility belt from the 1966 TV series.

I would delve into all of the other offerings, like the Hot Wheels Darth Vader die-cast car or the Masters of the Universe figures, but you're probably more interested in that utility belt (so I'll leave the rest of that stuff to USA Today).

For $125, you can have a utility belt much like the one Adam West wore, complete with snazzy buckle, four pouches that open, four tubes and a 12-inch plastic Batarang that folds up and actually slides into the belt. What said belt is made of, and whether it will fit an adult, is unknown.

The DC Classic TV Series Batman Utility Belt, and all of those other exclusives, will be available July 24-27 at the Mattel booth and Comic-Con International. And then probably on eBay, at significantly higher prices.

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