SDCC | Wood enlists Mutti for Revolutionary War-era 'Rebels'

Ten months after he began dropping clues to the project, Brian Wood has announced Rebels, described as a "Northlanders-style series set in and around the American Revolution."

Debuting in April from Dark Horse, the monthly series teams the writer with artist Andrea Mutti (DMZ, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo), colorist Jordie Bellaire (Moon Knight, Pretty Deadly) and cover artist Tula Lotay (Supreme: Blue Rose) for an exploration of the lives of soldiers, and ordinary colonists, in the era of the Revolutionary War.

Wood tells Nerdist that while Rebels is rooted in the nation's past, its themes will resonate with modern readers.

“The first story arc of Rebels is called ‘A Well Regulated Militia,' and believe me, that was very specifically chosen to direct confront how loaded that phrase is these days,” he says. “The Green Mountain Boys were America’s first militia, and its important to me to draw a very clear line between that and the guys that show up to Obama rallies with assault rifles on their backs, using that phrase to justify acting out.”

There's much more in Nerdist's lengthy interview with Wood and Mutti.

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