SDCC Wishlist | Science fiction and ... shrunken heads?

Anthony Garcia of TwentyToSix Books sends word that they will debut their new trade paperback for The Franchise at the San Diego Comic-Con next week. Written by Garcia with art by Jim Jimenez and Reno Maniquis, it collects the first six issues of Wall of Angels. "Action, adventure, science fiction and myth all come together as the story follows a group of unlikely companions striving to keep a madman from attaining the secret of eternal life," Garcia said.

They'll be at table B06, "waaay in the northwest corner of the exhibit hall," he said. And they'll be sharing space with Shrunken Studios, "your source for fine quality shrunken heads."

"Our Shrunken Heads were a big hit at this year's Phoenix Comic Con," he said. "No two are alike and they compliment any decor! Get yours now!"

You can check out what they look like after the jump.


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