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Steve Earnhart writes to let us know he'll have 150 advanced copies of Hard-Bullied Comics Volume 2: Dead Zep, the "first musical graphic novel in the history of the medium" available this week at Comic-Con, Small Press Table P-9.

Here are the details on the book, courtesy of Steve:

Los Angeles 2024: Six months after wrapping up the Torchsong case at the business end of a Woolly Mammoth’s tusk, Private Eye Billy Blackburn is the portrait of success. His business is flourishing, his gorgeous assistant might be hot for him, and he’s closing cases left and right. Too bad the same can’t be said of his partner, Knuckles. He’s being haunted by gruesome memories of WWIII, and they’re threatening to overtake his sanity. So when a little old lady pays Billy a visit claiming her rock star son, Dirt/Nap leadsinger Zeppelin Monroe has been murdered, the past and present are set on a collision course that will test old loyalties, uncover buried truths about the war, and bring long-simmering bad blood to boil. Spanning five years and moving between Shanghai, Los Angeles and Las Vegas comes Dead Zep, the first graphic in comics history to include a fully integrated soundtrack that ties directly to the mystery contained within. Comics? Meet Rock n' Roll.

Collecting all four issues of Billy Blackburn's second adventure, Dep Zep, featuring a twelve song all-original soundtrack by Dirt/Nap, and packed with bonus materials, this is the first and only graphic novel that goes to eleven.

Hard-Bullied Comics Volume 2: Dead Zep was created, written, and lettered by Steve Earnhart and features a cover by Tony Fleecs, and interior art by Federico Dalocchio (Starcraft, Captain America Siege Tie In, Green Arrow) and Rafael Ortiz (Chapter four).

The included Dirt/Nap soundtrack/album, "Last Gasp" features 12 original songs - All music and lyrics by Steve Earnhart. All instruments and drum programming by Steve Earnhart. Vocals by Seth Romano. Rap on "Los Angeles (Nice to see you)" performed by Mellow Man Ace. Recorded at Goodbum Studios in Mar Vista,CA. Mixed and Mastered by Christian Dwiggins at Engine Room Studios in Sherman Oaks, CA.

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