SDCC Wishlist | DC Direct, Graphitti Designs selling relaunch cover portfolios

DC Comics sent word today (and posted on The Source) that DC Direct and Graphitti Designs will sell limited edition portfolios featuring all of the first-issue covers from their September relaunch at the San Diego Comic Con. To get all of them, it sounds like you'll be spending a lot of time at the Graphitti booth:

On Thursday through Sunday a different portfolio volume containing 13 covers will go on sale each day in the Graphitti Designs booth for $39.95. These portfolios will provide fans and attendees with something special to have their favorite DC Comics writer and artist to sign at Comic-Con. Only 520 copies of each volume will be available per day – be sure to get your copy before they sell out so you can collect all four!

Each piece of art is 9” x 12”. The list of what covers will come in each set can be found after the jump.


Portfolio Set 1Justice LeagueAction ComicsAnimal ManBatgirlBatwingDetective ComicsGreen ArrowHawk & DoveJustice League InternationalMen of WarO.M.A.CStatic ShockStormWatchSwamp Thing

Portfolio Set 2Batman and RobinBatwomanDeathstrokeDemon KnightsFrankenstein, Agent of SHADEGreen LanternGrifterLegion LostMister TerrificRed LanternsResurrection ManSuicide SquadSuperboy

Portfolio Set 3BatmanBirds of PreyBlue BeetleCaptain AtomCatwomanDC Universe PresentsGreen Lantern CorpsLegion of Super-HeroesNightwingRed Hood and the OutlawsSupergirlWonder Woman

Portfolio Set 4All-Star WesternAquamanBatman: The Dark KnightBlackhawksThe FlashThe Fury of FirestormGreen Lantern: The New GuardiansI, VampireJustice League DarkSupermanTeen TitansThe Savage HawkmanVoodoo

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