SDCC: Webb Describes "Amazing Spider-Man 2's" Electro's Powers

During the EW-hosted "Visionaries" panel at Comic-Con International in San Diego, "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" director Marc Webb discussed the upcoming sequel's main villain's powers, and much like Electro's big screen look, it sounds as though the classic bad guy's abilities might not exactly be what fans are expecting.

"You want villains to bring out characteristics you haven't seen before in the (hero) character," Webb answered in response to a question about what he wanted to have Spidey do in this movie that he hasn't yet done on film. "That was one of the reasons we chose Electro as the main villain was to have him have to contend, not just with the physical aspects of such a demonic, godlike force, but somebody who he has to deal with in an interesting, creative way. The fun part is to get yourself into a corner and not know how to get out of it.

"I always thought Electro would be the most fun challenge to have in the movie because there's something so magnificent and beautiful about a creature that can blend and merge with electricity in that way. I thought that was something that I really wanted to explore. ... As a kid, I was always fascinated and terrified by somebody who could disappear."

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