SDCC: "Transformers Prime" Enters its Final Season

Fans of "Transformers Prime" were elated to hear about the future of their favorite robots in disguise at Comic-Con International. In a panel moderated by Hasbro Vice President of Development, Mike Vogel, the panelists touched on a plethora of topics which left fans excited for what is to come in the third and final season of the award-winning cartoon.

Vogel kicked off the panel by taking a brief moment to flash back to three years ago, before "Transformers Prime" had even hit the airwaves. The show began to build its fan base at Comic-Con, where The Hub showed the first ever footage which, "showed Bumblebee transforming and punching a Decepticon in the face." Now, three years later "Transformers Prime" is set to enter its final season.

Producer Duane Capizzi urged fans to "stay tuned for a thrilling conclusion," one that is going to include the introduction of the Predacons and their leader Predaking into the Prime Universe. These beastlike robots will be posing a threat to the Autobots throughout the coming season. Director David Hartman said of the new creatures, "You will see some of the most complicated transformations in 'Transformers' history."

Vogel turned to Global Brand Director Jerry Jivoin to discuss what it was like to have a new influx of characters for the action figure line. "We love making more and more toys of the new characters," Jivoin said. It was clear by the response in the room that the fans approved of the new character toys as well.

The first clip from the upcoming season shared with audience was an advertisement featuring Optimus Prime fighting with Megatron. While it was met with excitement, it was the second video that brought the crowd to a roar when, for the first time ever, fans got to hear Bumblebee speak. For the past few years, the beloved Autobot has been communicating through beeps and boops. "We were trying to queue off of the movies," Producer Jeff Kline said of Bumblebee's lack of speech. "We knew at some point we wanted to give him a voice."

"It was very exciting to see Bumblebee has a voice," Jivoin added. "It opens a whole new opportunity for us." With that comment, he announced an upcoming toy which will feature a speech capability.

Though the show is making its way toward the end of its run, Vogel assured fans that they have more Transformers Prime coming their way in the form of a movie. "Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters" will wrap up any loose ends from the television show and bring a sense of closure to the story. The crowd went wild over a quick clip from the film featuring Optimus Prime preparing to do battle with a pair of unruly Predacons. "The next two episodes are beyond epic," Capizzi said of the final season,further stating that the film will be "more epic than epic."

A young fan asked the panel if they were planning to do anything with the Dinobots in the near future. "There isn't room in the show, but that is definitely something we would like to do at some point," Vogel responded.

Rumors abound about the possibility of future television shows, and when questions began to arise about the storylines of these potential future properties and how close they would tie in with the current continuity, Vogel had to do some quick talking and quicker thinking. "The head of the Transformers brand likes the word 'alignment,'" he said, the crowd bursting into approving laughter and applause.

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