SDCC Thoughts on the Return of the Milestone Heroes

(I apologize for the multitude of posts, but I like to wait until San Diego Comic-Con is over before I sort out the news that strikes me most interesting, and I don't think a catch-all entry is cool with so many disparate stories)

Talk about a mixed reaction! On the one hand, I am a huge fan of Milestone Comics, so I am thrilled to hear that DC was able to work out a deal to bring the Milestone characters back to the world of comics. And with Milestone founder Dwayne McDuffie directly involved, to boot!!

THAT SAID, mixing them into the DC Universe?

Boy, am I wary about that.

Don't get me wrong, a bunch of the Milestone characters should be able to mix into the DC Universe without a real problem, with Static being the most notable example - his shtick works in any universe. The same goes, I would say, for Icon and Rocket.

But Blood Syndicate? Hardware? Holocaust? The Shadow Cabinet? These are concepts that scream out "isolated universe," much like the Marvel Family (who have never really been adequately integrated into the DC Universe, despite Jerry Ordway doing yeoman work for years to make the square peg fit into the round hole).

So I fear that some of the unique characters will lose their uniqueness a bit, but in the end, it is a return to comics of some great characters, so really, it's a secondary issue - Static is back! Woohoo!

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