SDCC Thoughts on the Agents of Atlas Ongoing

On the one hand, Marvel has certainly given the Agents of Atlas a real slow burn, by having them make guest appearances in a number of books in back of their critically-acclaimed (it was critically acclaimed, right? I mean, I liked it, but I forget if other people did or not) original mini-series, so the news that the series is being given an ongoing (written by the great Jeff Parker, but sans original artist Leonard Kirk, who is on the great Captain Britain book right now) is not, like, totally out of left field.

That said, I think a series of mini-series would fit the concept better than an ongoing, and if the mini-series do real well, THEN I can see an ongoing.

I just hope that if the sales aren't there, it won't affect seeing them in future mini-series and one-shots.

And, of course, I naturally hope that the sales ARE there, as I'm looking forward to the book.

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