SDCC: "The Flash" Introducing Two New Speedster Heroes to DC Comics' Rebirth Universe

At Comic-Con International in San Diego, "Flash" writer Josh Williamson revealed that the current events in his Rebirth series, resulting in an increase in speedsters across Central City, are here to stay.

Williamson caught the audience up on the series' plot, which sees dozens of citizens now having speed powers. "Some want to live their lives now, some want to become criminals. Barry and [new speedster] August [Heart] are trying to stop the citizens that have powers now and are robbing banks," said Williamson. "We're going to be meeting new people."

In addition to the introduction of the Speed Force training center at S.T.A.R. Labs, a new character called Godspeed will be making Barry Allen's life miserable.. "He'll use his powers to kill people, and he's going after the speedsters." There are two new women speedsters, Mina and Avery, who will be utilizing their newfound powers to work alongside the Justice Leaguer.

Check out art of the Speed Force training center, and the Flash's new allies, by series artist Carmine Di Giandomenico, below.

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