SDCC: Thanos Series in the Works from Donny Cates & Geoff Shaw


At Marvel's Next Big Thing panel for Comic-Con International in San Diego, the publisher revealed plans for a new Thanos ongoing series from the God Country creative team of scribe Donny Cates (Redneck) and Geoff Shaw (The Paybacks).

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"I keep coming up with ideas that are just so darkly brutal," Cates teased. "I just understand him as a character and as a god. I just keep pushing and pushing and pushing...I don't want to get too much into what I'm doing, but the basic idea is that...I believe every Marvel hero in the galaxy, if you were to catch them on a dark day and asked them how the world was going to end, they'd say, 'Thanos, of course.' He's just always there."

"I'm just excited. I get to draw everything. It's just so big and out there," Shaw added. "Not to belabor the point, but Donny told me the pitch too, and I was like, 'Really?' It's out there, it's crazy, it's huge."

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Thanos from Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw hasn't been given a release date.

Additional reporting by Meagan Damore from Comic-Con International in San Diego.

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