SDCC: "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" Stars Fox & Arnett Come Out of Their Shells

Take note: That striking fan on the exhibit hall floor at Comic-Con International who looked a lot like Megan Fox -- just might actually have been Megan Fox.

Long known for her love of comics, Fox headed to San Diego to promote her latest genre film, the upcoming reboot of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles," in which she plays the intrepid reporter April O'Neil. And as she and co-star Will Arnett sat down with reporters to discuss the new take on the Heroes in a Half-Shell, including details on O'Neill's expanded role in the reimagined franchise, Fox's love of freely strolling the convention floor was just one of the things we learned about.

Will, describe your take on Vernon.

Will Arnett: I think, in the comic, Vernon actually had more of an adversarial relationship with April, but through all the various incarnations, from the comic to the TV series to the movies, there have been licenses created and artistic licenses taken in order to tell whatever particular story. And I think that as this movie really evolved, and before we started shooting the script, it became apparent that there needed to be an evolution in the character, that they needed to sort of partner up and really support April, and Megan. They needed a character more like Vernon, and they had to kind of change the rules a little bit with him. So what is true is that he's a cameraman, and that part of it stays very true, but now, he kind of works with April. I think that maybe some of his crankiness is more now just -- we kind of transfer that into, he wants an easy ride, and he wants to punch the clock and go home and doesn't want to get involved. So when April's like, "Hey, listen. I'm following this story." He's kind of like, "Oh, God, come on -- no. Just let it go." And then he gets sucked in.

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Do you guys have fond memories of any of the Turtles in their various incarnations?

Arnett: I thought you were going to say fond memories of "Jonah Hex."

Megan Fox: That was in Hall H by the way, can you believe it? Me and [Josh] Brolin. So many [memories]! I watched the cartoons, but definitely the live action movies -- and the second one in particular -- was definitely my favorite. It kind of has that feeling -- I don't know if you guys watched "The Lost Boys," but it's that like capsule period of time/ [There's] just something so magic about that moment of movies. That was a little later, because I was a little kid with "Lost Boys."

Arnett: I kind of knew them through the eyes of my brother, who is quite a lot younger than me. But my new fondness came probably a few months before the movie kind of came into my sphere, and my own kids watched the Nickelodeon show, which I think is really terrific and really funny, really good. And so, I see how much they were enjoying it, and it just kind of coincided the time the movie came out. Like, "Hey, they are putting out a 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle' movie. No way! My kids are going to lose their minds!" Which they did. [Laughs

Have you been able to share any Turtle-y coolness with your respective kids while working on the film?

Arnett: Oh, yeah!

Fox: Well, mine are babies, still.

Arnett: Hers are babies and were babies still when we were shooting. My guys came by.

Fox: It was only one baby. One was in my belly.

Arnett: Again, you've got to tell me how that works one day. Yeah, my kids were able to come in and enjoy it a lot. We shot in New York last summer, and it was just awesome having them there. And they were just so excited.
Fox: It's an interesting movie because -- I don't know how exactly how old your kids are. 3 and 5?

Arnett: Yeah. You do know, exactly.

Fox: Yeah, kids that are his age can see it and love it, but also, it's for teenagers and adults. It manages to be one of those movies that spans all those generations, and it's just badass all around. It's not too scary for little kids, either.

Arnett: And they're even more like teenagers and mutants and ninjas and turtles. They'll all love it!

Megan, your character is obviously a big part of the comics and the cartoons. But she seems to be more involved in their creation, now.

Fox: Yeah, I don't know what I'm allowed to reveal. She's not aware that she had anything to do with it. She didn't really have anything to do with it, but her dad was a scientist whose experiments were being funded by a group in the movie.

Arnett: Unknown, shadowy --

Fox: Shadowy figures. And there's a lab fire. Her father dies in the lab fire. She loses him, and it's not until she starts hearing their names, when she meets them on the roof, that things start firing off in her brain, and she digs through all of her father's old lab notes and his books and all of this stuff. She discovers that these quite possibly are the little turtles that she used to look at in his lab, before it burned down.

Are you going on the floor at all today?

Fox: I don't know.

Arnett: I don't know. Maybe.

Fox: Maybe. They're actually surprisingly very polite people that are on the floor.

I've seen you walk the floor, totally on your own, no mask!

Fox: Yeah, I've walked the floor. I came once when my husband [Brian Austin Greene] was here for "Sarah Connor," and I came. I wasn't promoting anything. I came in a "Star Wars" T-shirt, and I walked around -- and nobody bothered me one time!

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